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Keeping Your Vehicle Road Worthy

Having a vehicle that doesn’t run will send a shiver of dread through your body so fast that you won’t know what hit you.  The thought of not getting to work, helping in an emergency or just going out and having fun will quickly hit your mind.  Keeping up with your Car maintenance Aberdeen is one of the main tasks you need to do when owning a vehicle.  Here are some tips and tricks you can use to keep your car running right.

Monitor your driving

Monitoring and knowing how you drive will give you an indication as to how much stress and strain you put on your vehicle.  If you are a heavy driver that puts on lot of miles, then you will need to have your vehicle checked and serviced more often.  If on the other hand you just drive your vehicle short distances the odds of needing expensive repairs is greatly reduced.

Don’t let others drive your vehicle

No one will drive or care for your vehicle like you do.  Allowing others to use your vehicle for work, to run to the store or operate it in any other circumstance will put it at risk.  You never want to let someone else drive your vehicle. 

Car maintenance Aberdeen

Check your fluids

Fluids in your vehicle keep the parts lubricated and cool.  When your fluids run low it is important to change them for newer ones.  When we change our fluids, we are giving new life to our engines.  Old fluids that remain in our vehicles will break down and not perform as well when they were new.  This in return can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle over time.

Rely on your owns manual

The owner’s manual for your vehicle will set the guidelines and criteria that you need to follow when working on your vehicle.  Going outside of this manual can result in damage and expensive repairs.